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    Kill Germs & Bacteria

    Eliminate Foul Orders

    Reduce Bug Population

    Trash Bin Cleaning

    Keeping your trash cans fresh and clean is what Can Be Fresh does best! Our high-pressure cleaning system uses 200° to clean and sanitize your bins. This process kills 99% of harmful bacteria and insects normally found in bins. We follow up by spraying the bin with a solution that removes foul odors, protects your bins from future stains, and repels insects.

    We finish the process by wiping the bin dry and hanging an odor-eliminating charcoal bag. All cleaning processes and supplies are 100% eco, pet, and human-friendly.


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    All Trash Bin Cleanings Include:

    • Quarterly Can Cleaning
    • Pro Heat Trash Can Steam Cleaning
    • Odor Eliminating Charcoal Bags
    • Foam Handle Covers
    • 3 Service Minimum
    • Easy Monthly Billing
    • Commercial grade fly/pest repellent
    • 100% Eco-Friendly Products
    • Reservices at no additional cost

    No One Comes Close to our Service... Not Even close

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    Unlimited re-services between appointments
    Same Day Cleaning as your Trash Day
    Affordable Monthly Billing Payments
    Charcoal Odor Eliminating Bags
    Foam Handle Covers
    Commercial Grade Fly Repellant
    Additional Deep Clean with Power Wand
    100% Eco-Friendly Products
    Custom Fresh Scent Product
    No Hidden Fees

    Can Be Fresh


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